May 2 - June 23, 2019

Artist Reception: May 2, 5-8pm
Open: Wed-Sun, 12-5pm

Elisabeth Jones Art Center
516 NW 14th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

October 7-31, 2019

Open: Mon-Fri, 1-5pm

Kathrin Cawein Gallery
Pacific University (front corner of Scott Hall)
2043 College Way, Forest Grove, OR 97116

Join artist Emily Miller for an interactive art installation and daily performance with 600+ pounds of "ghost net" fishing rope debris.
I'll be working in the gallery throughout the exhibit, making baskets on my sewing machine.

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COLLECT — Starting in March: Gather ghost net from the beach, and salvage retired net and long line from local fisheries
CREATE — Starting in May: Untangle and unwind fishing rope... Take home materials... Explore a new material to make art... Lead collaborative work in your specialty!

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Ghost net fishing rope - marine debris, ocean pollution

Ghost net is one of the most abundant and dangerous sources of marine debris in our oceans.

This lost or abandoned fishing gear makes up 46% of the mass in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, where it entangles wildlife and disintegrates into microplastics, affecting every level of the food web and marine ecosystem.

Since 2015, I have created machine-stitched baskets from this fishing rope washed up on the coastlines of Oregon, Kauai, and Maine. The collection site of each rope tells its own unique story about the effects of coastal industry on local and global scales.

In 2018, I pulled rope from a massive environment created from two tons of ghost net, hauled off Kauai's beaches by Surfrider Kauai in just two months.

This experience directly inspired the Ghost Net Landscape installation. By bringing the pile into the gallery, the project shares its powerful physical presence - a small fraction of what washes ashore every day. What happens to the material after it is removed from the ocean is a work in progress. Ghost Net Landscape seeks to discover how much artwork I can create from the mass, and to show how much more can be done when we work together.

Worldwide, I've seen a variety of evolving solutions. Companies are melting down ocean plastic for use in products like skateboards, shoes, and building bricks. Some places (including Hawaii) incinerate it in modern waste-to-energy facilities. And more and more artists are taking advantage of marine debris in their work!

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Ghost net fishing rope baskets, recycled fiber art, ocean conservation artwork by Emily Miller

Basket sponsorships fund the transportation and processing of materials, as well as artist fees for three months of work.

I gladly consider requests to include specific colors in your basket, but cannot guarantee availability, as it all depends on the rope that I find.

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