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The Ghost Net Landscape evolves with each presentation, transforming to fit the needs of the space, time, and community where it is exhibited. I'm currently seeking partnerships to travel the project to new locations around the world. I'm excited to work with venues, funders, and local cultural and industry groups to connect and learn from new communities! Contact me to learn more about bringing the Ghost Net Landscape to your community.

Upcoming Events

October 1-31, 2020: Sea Stories exhibit in Portland, Oregon

Opening November 12, 2020: exhibit at Five Oaks Museum

Past Events

Artists and Activism virtual symposium hosted by the Greater Portland Sustainability Education Network (GPSEN)

"Artists & Activism" virtual symposium

May 29, 2020 on Zoom

Unveiling the Undersea Garden collaborative installation with Shelby Silver. During the online symposium, Emily and Shelby discuss their shared belief that collaboration is key to sustainability and stewardship.

Ghost Net Landscape: All the Fish in the Sea art exhibit

Ghost Net Landscape: All the Fish in the Sea

October 7-31, 2019 at Cawein Gallery, Forest Grove, Oregon

This exhibit at the campus art gallery of Pacific University acted as a solo show and month-long artist residency, during which time I transformed the gallery with over 220 artworks created in daily collaboration with 300+ students and community members.

Ghost Net Landscape popup exhibt at Art in the Pearl

Popup at Art in the Pearl

August 31 - Sept 2, 2019 at Art in the Pearl, Portland, Oregon

Ghost Net Landscape transformed the Fiber Art education tent during a three-day open-air festival in downtown Portland.

Ghost Net Landscape: Ocean Goddess art exhibit

Ghost Net Landscape: Ocean Goddess

May 2 - June 23, 2019 at Elisabeth Jones Art Center, Portland, Oregon

For this first edition of the Ghost Net Landscape, I invited over a dozen artists to lead their own projects in collaboration with my daily public work as artist-in-residence.

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