The Ghost Net Landscape is re-envisioned for each presentation, transforming to fit the needs of the space, time, and community where it is exhibited. In 2019, I presented two full-scale exhibits of the project in Oregon, first at a gallery in downtown Portland and second at a university campus outside the city.

Ghost Net Landscape exhibit at Cawein Gallery at Pacific University, Oregon

Kathrin Cawein Gallery
Pacific University (front corner of Scott Hall)
2043 College Way, Forest Grove, OR 97116

Open: Mon-Fri, 1-5pm
PLUS Open Studio weekend: Oct 19-20, 11am-5pm
Opening Reception: Oct 7, 4-6pm
Closing Reception: Oct 29, 4-6pm

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The second edition of Ghost Net Landscape was held for 4 weeks at the Kathrin Cawein Gallery on the campus of Pacific University, Oregon. The exhibit acted as a solo show and month-long artist residency, during which time I transformed the gallery with over 220 artworks created in collaboration with 300+ students and community members. I was present in the gallery creating machine-stitched baskets and leading group collaboration 5 days a week plus the Washington County Open Studios weekend.


The project was integrated into the curriculum of 15 high school and university classes, from Philosophy to Art History and Environmental Studies. Several groups initiated their own collaborative projects, including a workshop for creating string bags / produce bags led by Pacific students, re-usable sugar skull decorations for Dia de los Muertos led by the Hispanic Heritage Association, monthly club meeting / art night for Students for Environmental Activism, a student-led collaboration with at-risk youth from Create Alternative School, and a ghost net hula performance envisioned by a Pacific student in collaboration with Na Haumana O Hawaii.

Ghost Net Landscape at Cawein Gallery was funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council, Forest Grove Public Arts Commission, and Forest Grove Sustainability Commission.

May 2 - June 23, 2019 at Elisabeth Jones Art Center

Ghost Net Landscape exhibit at Elisabeth Jones Art Center, Portland, Oregon

Elisabeth Jones Art Center
516 NW 14th Ave, Portland, OR 97209

Open: Wed-Sun, 12-5pm
Opening Reception: May 2, 5-8pm. Performance at 7pm
Closing Ceremony & Performance: June 23, 5pm

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During the first edition of Ghost Net Landscape, I invited over a dozen artists to lead their own projects in collaboration with my work as artist-in-residence in the Ghost Net Landscape at Elisabeth Jones Art Center in Portland, Oregon. Actors, musicians, video artists, set designers and costume designers came together to create performances for the Opening and Closing receptions. Throughout the exhibit, artists worked in the space on projects ranging from woven doormats to macrame wall hangings, sculptural basket forms, crowns and jewelry, all created from the pile of reclaimed fishing gear. I was present in the gallery creating machine-stitched baskets 3 days a week during May, plus additional special events.


Katherine BeemKatherine M. Beem

Katherine is a multimedia artist who creates surreal, colorful pieces that reflect the world around her.

Elise DixonElise Dixon

Elise is a performer and theatre-maker fascinated by words, communication, collaboration, the ephemeral, the tangible, and the pursuit of social change.


SF-Dura work collaboratively and partner with various artists to design and build functional sets, stages, and landscapes crafted to fit specific art work.

Lucretia HatfieldLucretia Hatfield

Lucretia's love for nature inspires, and informs her art no matter what medium she works in.

Lisa LightLisa Light

Lisa is an Oregon Coast artist whose passion is exploring more eco-friendly mediums, up-cycling and recycling materials, and transforming marine debris, such as sea glass into wearable art.

Maggie MachadoMaggie Machado

Maggie has a lifetime experience of innovative and creative fiber arts, with a special interest in decorative knotwork, needlework, ply-splitting, and weaving of 4-selvage mats.

Shana PalmerShana Palmer

Shana Palmer is an artist, curator, musician and performer whose works explore the mythical, uninhabitable and liminal spaces, blurring the lines between narrative and symbolic structures.

Shelby SilverShelby Silver

Ecological artist Shelby Silver couples self-taught impasto techniques and her background in fiber art with plastic marine debris she collects along the Oregon Coast.

Una the MermaidUna the Mermaid

Una the Mermaid is a traveling mermaid performer who uses her background in psychological development to inspire play and creative imagination in the young and young at heart all around the Pacific NW.


Wiley creates self-reflective works, with materials and methods associated with her childhood, in an effort to better understand how her lived experiences create and shape who she is.

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