Ghost Net Landscape is about transformation.

The project’s mission is to create space where positive transformation is a natural and joyful response. Each exhibit is uniquely shaped into a space for healing and regeneration, through abundance, collaboration, creativity, and play.

The exhibit's presentation of massed raw materials speaks to the global magnitude and complexity of this issue. Ghost Net Landscape is a sanctuary and a prayer, not located outside the issue as a place to escape, but rather completely created from it. Ghost Net Landscape uses the materials themselves to ask what each of us will create, how each of us will transform and grow in a shared and joyful collaboration towards a more sustainable and equitable future.


Ghost Net Landscape is free for participants because the space, time, and materials are a gift.

A gift of collaboration between us, a gift of materials given to me by fishermen and beach cleanup crews, a gift of opportunity that I give to you and a gift of creativity that you give to me in return. A gift creates an open space of abundance. All active participants can choose to take responsibility and ownership as they see fit. The responsibility of a gift grows from a place of generosity, inspiring limitless ways you might choose to pay this forward.

Each exhibit begins with a massive pile of material, representing the global abundance of discarded fishing gear.

Re-contextualized in an open creative space, this abundance of material has an opportunity to inspire freedom and expansive play. Within the abundance of Ghost Net Landscape, you can afford to experiment, to be generous, and to collaborate.

The objects I create within Ghost Net Landscape are a gift.

The baskets I stitch during each exhibit are given as gifts of gratitude to honor the many partners who collaborate on bringing each unique exhibit to life. My work in this space nurtures abundance by reciprocating the gifts given to me.


Ghost Net Landscape involves the community in equal partnership because this work cannot be done alone.

The materials are too heavy for one person to move. The time is too short for one person to transform it all. The emotional weight of this massive global issue is too great for anyone alone. Every contribution is vital and valuable. Every contribution helps create a community. Ghost Net Landscape is not mine, it is ours. It exists only through collaboration.

Ghost Net Landscape centers collaboration because working together towards creative transformation is a positive and joyful experience.

Collaboration allows many voices to join together and create something new that could not be created alone. Ghost Net Landscape explores the value of new perspectives through collaboration between participants, and collaboration with the material itself. Collaboration offers each of us an opportunity to heal and grow through accepting new ideas from different perspectives.

creativity and play

Ghost Net Landscape uses creativity and play as essential tools for finding new solutions to complex global issues.

Centering joy in this work is vital for sustained action, generosity, and community growth. Ghost Net Landscape exists as a non-judgmental, zero-stakes sanctuary to move forward into new solutions, by actively creating, exploring, sharing, and playing with new ideas.

Ghost Net Landscape evolves with each presentation, transforming to fit the needs of the space, time, and community where it is exhibited.

Each exhibition brings a new solution to life through creative, collaborative transformation. To maintain focus on creativity and play, no two exhibitions are the same.

Each exhibit begins unfinished, and evolves throughout the duration of the show.

This creates an active space of creative transformation rather than a static space of finished work. There is always room for new ideas.

I create my own art during each exhibit, to establish a welcoming space for collaborative creativity.

As artist-in-residence, I stitch baskets in the exhibition space. Sharing my process demonstrates the potential of this material, and activates the space as an invitation to join in exploring, experimenting, and creating something new.

© 2024 Emily Jung Miller fine art - Ocean-inspired artwork from Oregon & Kauai.