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Bring Ghost Net Landscape to your community in 2025!

Emily Miller collecting fishing gear and ghost net

I'm currently seeking partnerships to travel the project to new locations around the world. I'm excited to work with venues, funders, and local cultural and industry groups to connect and learn from new communities! Contact me to learn more about hosting a Ghost Net Landscape exhibit in your community.

What to expect:

Ghost Net Landscape is centered on positive transformation and creative freedom, sparked by abundance and play. Project leader Emily Jung Miller serves as the Ghost Net Landscape artist-in-residence. Emily is present in the exhibit daily, making baskets on her sewing machine and inviting visitors to explore what they can create with this colorful, textural abundance of material. In 2019, Ghost Net Landscape included 3 beach cleanup crews, 3 commercial fisheries, 4,000 pounds of reclaimed fishing gear, and 300+ artistic collaborators!

Exhibit Needs

  • Daily artist-in-residence
  • Space for 1,000+ pounds of raw materials
  • Space for communities to collaborate
  • Finished artwork display

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Partnership Opportunities

  • Fund travel expenses and artist stipend
  • Provide venue space
  • Donate materials: ghost net and end-of-life fishing gear
  • Bring your community to collaborate: art guilds, fishermen, Native craftspeople, students of all ages!

Artist's Role

  • Before the exhibit: Emily identifies local beach cleanup crews and fisheries to contribute materials. Emily invites local communities to participate.
  • During the exhibit: Emily leads group projects and demonstrates her own work.
  • After the exhibit: Emily re-installs finished projects in a pre-selected permanent location.

See Emily's ghost net artwork »

Help produce Sea Stories season 2!

We are ready to produce Sea Stories season 2! Season 1 included 8 professionally produced, community-submitted puppet stories, originally broadcast in public window space and now available online. The videos are designed for accessible physical and digital display, with subtitle and closed-caption options in multiple languages.

We have 14 unreleased puppet stories ready for production. Season 2 will include 5-8 stories selected from this group. Contact me to learn more about bringing these stories to life!

Partnership Opportunities


Ghost Net Landscape comes to life thanks to these partnerships with environmental and industry groups, arts and culture organizations, and educational leaders!

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