projects: Ghost Net Fishes

Group Project   |   Envisioned by artist-in-residence Emily Miller and executed by 200+ collaborators.

Emily coordinated 200+ collaborators over four weeks to create and display hundreds of unique fishes as part of the Ghost Net Landscape exhibit at Cawein Gallery. Collaborators were given a basic group orientation and then invited to complete their fish at any time during the exhibition. Each participant's self-directed creative vision and problem-solving led to an incredible abundance of ocean creatures, from a tiny school of identical 1" fishes, to a 12-foot-long eel, a deep sea angler, manta ray, sea turtle, dolphin and so much more. Spontaneous collaboration led groups to co-create a grouping of jellyfish, a crab, large-scale fishes, and more. All creations were knotted, wrapped, knitted or woven together from reclaimed fishing gear such as buoys, rope and net, with just a few additional resources such as colored wire and thread.

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